1. Air jordans that say Nike ARF ARF!

    Air jordans that say Nike ARF ARF!

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  3. So many great up coming sneakers!

    Air Jordan 3 Black

    Lets start off with this killer re-retro. This is without a doubt one of my favorite Jordans of all time! If you didn’t know it was the Air Jordan 3 that saved the entire Jordan line, we have Mr.Tinker Hatfield (prestigious nike designer) to thank for that! These are without a doubt a must have. 

    Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! The battle royal that will take place on December 23 2011 for these will be amazing! I do have one criticism about these shoes however, I have personally seen these up close in personal at where I work and that icy blue sole is VERY BLUE! The shoes look very clean but seriously that blue sole is BLUE maybe a little too blue. Still without a doubt in my mind I will be copping a pair. 

    The Nike Dunk Entourage, I think this shoe is very clean and very eye popping it may not be as big of a head turner as the black 3s or concord 11s but still very appealing. There was a pair released (extremely limited) to friends and family and was designed by Doug Ellin that has some slight diffrences which if you surf a lot of sneaker sites i’m sure you have seen but if you haven’t heres a picture! 

    Now that I know I will never get a pair of these unless me and Doug Ellin all of the sudden become best friends and he wants to call up Nike and have a pair of these sent to me…(A guy can dream, right?)

    Now for people who aren’t huge sneaker enthusiast (Thanks for reading my blog!) and are probably wondering hmm I wonder where I have seen these….

    Well if you’re a jazz fan I apologize but these were worn when Michael Jordan hit the last second shot against the Utah Jazz in the playoffs. These Jordans are inspired by the sleek design of the Ferrari F355F1. I will definitely be coping these just because I may have been only 6 but I still remember when MJ hit that shot. 

    Here is a little preview to what shoes will be coming out this year I know I didn’t cover some sneakers I.E the Georgetown 14s (I don’t like them.) But I will be staying up to date as best as I can and give you all the heads up on the sneaker news.

    -Sneaker Jedi

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